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With 1ClickTravel you can find trips’ itineraries according to your needs. From there, you can easily book each item in the itinerary, including flights, accommodation, attractions and events tickets, car rental, and every other item listed as part of the trip.

These itineraries will save you many days and weeks of searching and planning for your next vacation.

Want even more?

No problem. You can fill in a short form at the end of each itinerary, where you can ask us to customize the plan for your specific needs and handle everything for you. Then, we’ll make the adjustments, order everything and ensure you have a perfect trip.

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1ClickTravel is part of a group of travel sites that will help you customize your trip and get discounts and coupons when relevant.

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Save Time & Money

It’s incredibly easy to book a hotel and flight, but It’s incredibly difficult to plan a memorable family vacation.

Planning a family vacation on your own takes 2-4 weeks on average.

That includes researching for suitable destination, find things to do, planning the route and timelines, and more.

Working with TravelingFAQ to find the most suitable destination and 1ClickTravel to find ready to go itinerary is the perfect combination to save you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Consider how much you earn per hour and how much your time costs you.

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Wisdom Of The Crowed

Each of our itineraries is carefully planned by travel experts.

Each itinerary is tested with real people, and we keep adjusting it according to travelers’ feedback.

On top of that, you can request customization to each of the itineraries to perfectly meet your needs, and ensure perfect vacation.

1ClickTravel – Who are we?


My name is Nadav, and I love traveling. 1ClickTravel, along with TravelingFAQ and Traveling Coupons are my personal project and my way to contribute to travelers worldwide.

The web is full of great content on traveling and fantastic traveling bloggers. Despite all the available information, I’ve decided to build these traveling sites to make vacation planning and execution much simpler. It starts with finding the best destination using the TravelingFAQ Trip Planner tool, where you can find your next travel destinations using different filters.

With 1ClickTravel you can find free detailed trip plans and book a trip in minutes instead of weeks.

Traveling Coupons is here to help you save some money by listing great deals and coupons only relevant to travel.

I hope you’ll find these sites helpful and happy to keep in touch with every comment or suggestion.

Yes, I have links to affiliates and ads on the site, and when you click on some of them, I might earn some revenue.

Thank you, and have a great time exploring our wonderful world.

Happy traveling,




I built a list of sites and tools I use for planning, and booking my trips. The list of recommended travel resources is available here.